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We have developed a highly important list of safe and promising methods that can decrease the chance of your identity being stolen.
We opperate a 24-hour, 365 days a year security system. This system monitors your personal information and the way it is being used, and notifies you when it changes..
If you are looking for a stree-free life, check out IDTheft Professionals today!
Protect Your Credit from ID Theft

Did you know that identify theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the world?! According to a Star System research one out of every twenty adults reported identity theft in 2003, and has dramatically increased more then 11% sense then! Whether an illegal immigrant steals your identity to stay in the country or a sleazy company steals your information over the internet from an untrustworthy websites. Both of these are examples of identity theft cases that could have been prevented.

Prevent Stolen Identity, Get Protection

When you are dealing with your social security, mother's maiden name, or your birth date it is important that you are aware of exactly what you are using it for. If you are buying a collectable comic book for your son off of a website you are having second feelings about, your gut usually is right. However, sometimes it is impossible to do all the right things and still not be effected. Yes, it is important to destroy pre-approved credit cards, old bank statements, tax documents, report stolen cards, and limit genealogy websites that ask for your mother's maiden name. But, sometimes your gut doesn't hit you. What if someone pick pockets your wallet in New York? What if a computer genius manipulates a secure website to steal your information? What if you don't check you credit score often enough? No one is safe from identity theft, but IDTheft.pro has the tools to continuously check up on your activity to ensure your account from being tampered with.

Our Services

Identity Theft Service Guarantee
We cover any expense that you may have to pay out of pocket following having problems with keeping your information safe.

Stolen ID Security
We offer high security, so it is impossible for crooks and ID thieves to steal information without being caught.

Safety Shield
We provide you with the safest way to monitor your credit, so it is not effective and id thieves are caught.

24-hour Surveillance
We are constantly checking your personal information so that if it is being used we know. We notify you every time activity occurs, so if you not doing it, you can notify officials immediately.

Did You Know...

Stolen Identity Expenses
The average person spends over 175 hours and $808.00 of out-of-pocket expenses to correct their wrecked credit situation. This unexpected expense should not be your responsibility, which is why we can take care of it for you!

Shredding Mail
Shredding your mail before you through it into the dumpster is the easiest way of protecting yourself. The most personal information you throw away, the easier it is for a thief to obtain your identity.

Lost Credit Cards
Did you know that lost credit cards can be scanned and your personal information can be taken from you, without you even realizing that is has been done. Today, canceling a credit card simply isn't enough protection.

Get ID Theft Protection: Identity theft is rapidly growing around the world, be protected when someone tries to take yours!.